Concept Schools, Gulen Charter Schools Midwest operations

Concept Schools, Gulen Charter Schools Midwest operations
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Friday, March 11, 2011

Gulen Movement keeps beating the same drum

This was written by a paid Gulen researcher about their growth in Singapore (SE Asia)  you will note it is the SAME story country to country - state to state.  8 step process    Steps:
1)Started with Turkish business men that moved into the area
2) They started cultural festivals and "friendship dinners" and "Noah's Pudding" night
3) Foundations, Institutes, groups pop up surrounding the Turkish community.
4) community religious leaders, polticians, academia and media are invited and HONORED
5) Free trips to Turkey to discover business opportunities with Turkey (always a camera or video to record the event or endorsement)
6) Get embedded into local politics via bribe, payouts, manipulation
7) Media, marketing, advertising hype (turkey is a growing economy, only through ties with Turkey will your country/state prosper)
8) Establish schools. (Turkish Olympiads, Turkish cultural influences "Turkish is the language of Peace and Love"

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