Concept Schools, Gulen Charter Schools Midwest operations

Concept Schools, Gulen Charter Schools Midwest operations
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

Horizon Science Academy contributes to local unemployment and lay offs

So let's see, despite the fact that in 2008, Ohio's unemployment rate was 9.4%, the US government granted the Gulenites 95 visas, and in 2009, with an unemployment rate of 10.9%, 107 visas were granted to the Turks. In sum, from 2001 to 2009, 448 visas were granted, allowing 448 Turkish or foreign born teachers the opportunity to work in Ohio, displacing qualified (usually far more qualified) American teachers, administrators, and accountants.

And this is only Ohio. The "Gulen-inspired" schools are all over the country, and are likewise, supplanting  American professionals throughout the United States, because they can. Our government has essentially given them carte blanche to take our jobs, despite the severe economic losses that so many Americans are experiencing due to high unemployment rates.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Debate continues over Horizon Science Academy funding

Published: November 16, 2010

Debate Continues Over Charter School Funding

By Tanya Hutchins

Charter schools say they don't receive equal state funding.  Administrators, parents & state lawmakers have differing opinions.
Horizon Science Academy's Middle School is in Continuous Improvement status on its state report card, the same status as Colulmbus City Schools.  But, the Director of Horizon says when it comes to funding, the similarities end.
Charter schools do not receive funding from the Ohio School Facilities Commission, unlike traditional public schools.
"I don't know what the best solution is, whether having the school facilities money or having access to the current school buildings that maybe the Columbus City School District isn't using will help a whole lot," said Onder Sechen, Director of Horizon Science Academy's middle school in Columbus.
Sechen says he is making do with what he has, but there is always room for improvement.
The Ohio School Facilities Commission's Chief Financial Officer says there is a small loan guarantee program for charter schools but not a grant program.  "Our main program is for grants. There is a state and local share, but our state money is a grant.  There's never been a grant program with state money for the charter schools," said Eric Bode.
Bode said work on 784 new or renovated buildings has been completed, including 100 that opened last year.
After 12 years, the Ohio School Facilities Commission has disbursed $8.5 billion.  A spokesperson for the commission said total state and local money spent statewide amounts to $4 million each day.
The Ohio PTA has an official position on charter schools.  "We actually support the philosophy of charter schools and education. There are always alternative, different ways to educate our children, as long as they don't take away funding from our traditional public schools and that they're held accountable for the monies that they receive," said Debbie Tidwell, President of the Ohio PTA.
Linda Gleckner is a parent from Columbus who has children in traditional public schools.  She attended an Ohio PTA Conference on Advocacy at the Vern Riffe Center Tuesday.  "As a taxpayer whose children are in the traditional public schools, I'm happy that my money is going to my public schools, but I would like them (lawmakers) to investigate how the money would be more equally distributed among charter schools," Gleckner said.
"If it's public and it's public funds, then they should get a share of that money as well," said Lorie Roan, a parent from Parma, where school tax levies have failed at least seven times.
Gleckner and Roan say they'd like to learn more about school funding and the amount of money that goes to charter schools.
NBC 4 has received calls and emails from some parents questioning the quality of charter schools.  The station has also received communication from charter school parents praising school choice and asking for the state to give charters time to raise performance levels among students who have transferred from traditional schools below grade level.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Horizon Science Academy-Why are taxpayers funding Islamic school in Cincinnati?

Exiled Islamic Imam Muhammed Fethullah Gulen

Why are taxpayers funding Islamic school in Cincinnati?
·         December 15th, 2010 8:50 pm ET
·         By Mark Hallenberg, Cincinnati Islam Examiner
Looking at the Horizon Science Academy website one is impressed with its presentation. A parent would appreciate the emphasis on science and mathematics, and might see HSA as an excellent option to the fumbling public school system for their child.
However, the FBI and taxpayers are unimpressed.  
The school is part of a vast network of schools and Madrasas inspired and founded by Muhammed Fethullah Gülen, who believes in a 'new world order' - an Islamic New World Order. His schools are worldwide with a growing number in the United States.
In 2007 the IRS Form 990 for the Cosmos Foundation, a Gulen Movement charter school operator in TX, TN, and OK, received $41,570,721 from taxpayers. Russia and Uzbekistan banned his schools, The Netherlands claims they're a front for an Islamic fundamentalist group.
Paul L. Williams, Ph.D. writes, "By alleged “stealth jihad,” the Gulen Movement, an Islamic-based movement out of Turkey, has been advancing its presence and influence throughout the country by the establishment of charter schools that are funded by U.S. taxpayers."
At the Gulen schools, students are indoctrinated in Turkish culture, language, and religion so that they may be of service in making Fethullah Gulan’s dream of a universal caliphate a reality. The Madrasas sponsor Turkish clubs, Turkish language societies, Turkish dance groups, and annual trips to Istanbul.
Rachel Sharon-Krespin writes: “His (Gulen’s) followers target youth in the eighth through twelfth grades, mentor and indoctrinate them in the ışıkevi, educate them in the Fethullah schools, and prepare them for future careers in legal, political, and educational professions in order to create the ruling classes of the future Islamist, Turkish state.”
Turkish translator Sibel Edmonds testified under oath August 8, 2009 when asked if Gulen should be considered a threat to the security of the United States, her answer, "One hundred percent, absolutely." In another summary she states, 'Here is a Turkish Muslim preacher who fled Turkey after his alleged intentions to replace the secular government with one based on Sharia laws were exposed. He comes to the US, settles here, and starts taking advantage of our vastly and overly used nonprofit laws to build his network of dubious NGOs. Meanwhile he continues to expand his network of Madrasas and related businesses overseas-Central Asia, Caucasus, Balkans, etc.
At present, there are over 85 Gulan madrasas (Islamic schools) in the United States, and all operate with public funding. Horizon Schools is operated by Concept Schools of Des Plains, IL. Both a part of the Gulen Movement in the U.S.
Related sources - Charter School Watchdog, Charter School Scandals


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Concept Schools to host 8th annual CONSEF, March 12, 2011

Concept Schools get the awards ready.  Gotta reward those Horizon Science Academy students.

8th Annual Concept Science & Engineering Fair

It is with great excitement that we announce the 8th Annual Concept Science & Engineering Fair (CONSEF). Last year more than 300 students from 25 different schools participated and we expect even more this year. CONSEF is organized by Concept Schools, a Chicago-based, non-profit, charter management and consulting organization.
 The mission of the Concept Science & Engineering Fair is to increase public awareness in science, math and engineering. We believe that every school has the potential to shine in science, math, and engineering, and therefore, we encourage every school to share their experiences, talents, and abilities with other schools through this unique platform.

What the Concept Schools fail to explain is that this Fair is for their Horizon Science Academys and no other schools participate but their own.   Time to shine up the medals, awards and get the camera ready!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Concept Schools seeks $93 million bond to repair leaky roof and refinance local debt.

Concept schools aka Horizon Science Academy wants $93 million bond for leaky roof and to (wink-wink) refinance local debt to the tune of $12 million. 

County establishes process to review bond applications

Wednesday, December 8, 2010  02:52 AM
Franklin County commissioners put a review process in place yesterday that will help them decide whether to approve proposals for tax-exempt private bonds.
Horizon Science Academy wanted to replace a leaky roof this summer, but it needed consent from county commissioners before it could apply for tax-exempt financing, which would result in a lower interest rate compared with a traditional commercial loan.
The county wouldn't invest any taxpayer money, and elected representatives would have to give the OK before tax-exempt bonds are sold.
Commissioner John O'Grady had questioned whether the holdup might cause problems for the publically financed charter school. But Commissioners Marilyn Brown and Paula Brooks pushed to postpone a decision on the charter school's request in August.
The school's parent company, Concept Schools, had planned to issue $93 million in bonds for its chain of Midwest charter schools. About $4 million of that would have gone toward rehabbing the Columbus schools; an additional$12million would have gone toward refinancing local debt.
New Plan Learning, which owns the schools' facilities, approached the county. When asked whether the window for selling the bonds had passed, a New Plan Learning representative said there are future opportunities.
"We respect the commissioners' decision to take things slowly and develop guidelines ... and we feel confident that they will provide the approval because we are a quality organization," Murat Arabaci wrote in an e-mail.
Commissioners said they felt they needed a standard procedure.
The commissioners' approval is mostly a technicality, but they worried that investors would see it as the county vouching for the debtor.
The review process has been delegated to the Columbus-Franklin County Finance Authority Board, a public agency that works to facilitate capital investment in central Ohio. It will be responsible for ensuring that the bonds support a public purpose and for gauging what the market says about the group's credit. The applicant would pay a $3,500 fee.
Commissioners said they put the review process in place because they were concerned the school might be the first of many to seek approval.
But Jean Carter Ryan, executive director of the review board, said she doubts the floodgates have opened. She said some of what made these bonds attractive to banks this year were incentives in the form of federal stimulus funds. Some of those incentives will end next year.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ohio Tax Money Tied to Exiled Turkish Leader Fethullah Gulen

ProgressOhio Blog

Shadows on High: Ohio Tax Money Tied to Exiled Turkish Leader Who Wants an Islamic Republic

Ahh, the irony.
The inane "Ground Zero mosque" debate pretends to be about 9/11 sensitivity. The contention is that putting a community center and prayer space into an old Burlington Coat Factory blocks from the World Trade Center site is somehow provocative.
(Unlike Glenn Beck's farcical rally in the shadow of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech, which wasn't provocative, no siree.)
In reality, this debate was fueled by a surprisingly large faction on the right that finds anything Islamic borderline toxic and incompatible with baseball, apple pie and all things America.
So, now comes news that Ohio tax payer money is going to schools tied to a controversial Islamic religious figure previously wanted for trying to overthrow the Turkish government.
Where's the outrage?
Josh Mandel has built a career opposing pension money being invested in companies with ties to Iran's radical Islamic government. Where is he on this?
Jon Husted? Charter school money got your tongue?
Mr. Kasich? Mr. DeWine? Ding Dong. Anyone home in right-wing Ohio?
Ahh, the irony.
Here's the low down: Concept Schools is part of a national network of Turkish run schools  and operates 17 schools in Ohio.
Gulen_180.jpgUSA Today reports that the network has over 100 schools in 25 states that educate 35,000 American children, and are largely financed through taxpayer funding.
The newspaper reports that all the schools have ties to Fethullah Gülen, leader of the Gülen Movement, the third most powerful faction in Turkish government, after the military and the secular government.
In fact Concept Schools is just one of the Charter school networks with ties to the Gülen Movement.
Oddly though, Mr. Gülen resides in America, Pennsylvania, specifically. He is in voluntary exile for allegedly pushing for an "Islamist" state from the fractured and secular Turkish rulers.
And while his movement is not hostile to the West, it is ironic that he operates in charter schools, a world filled with right-wing fanatics whose hatred toward everything Muslim extends to placing a Muslim community center a few blocks from Ground Zero where fast food joints and strip bars now roam.
Ohio has 17 charter schools tied to the Gülen Movement:
A recent USA Today article outlines the complex web between the network of schools, Gülen, and management companies like Concept, which operates and manages charter schools and that public education dollars are being funneled into it. The schools are among the highest performing and have the largest amount of students nationally but have nonetheless been less than transparent about their finances and ties to Gülen as USA Today reported:
    Described by turns as a moderate Turkish nationalist, a peacemaker and "contemporary Islam's Billy Graham," Fethullah Gülen has long pushed for Islam to occupy a more central role in Turkish society. Followers of the so-called Gülen Movement operate an "education, media and business network" in more than 100 countries, says University of Oregon sociologist Joshua Hendrick.
    Top administrators say they have no official ties to Gülen. And Gülen himself denies any connection to the schools. Still, documents available at various foundation websites and in federal forms required of non-profit groups show that virtually all of the schools have opened or operate with the aid of Gülen-inspired "dialogue" groups, local non-profits that promote Turkish culture. In one case, the Ohio-based Horizon Science Academy of Springfield in 2005 signed a five-year building lease with the parent organization of Chicago's Niagara Foundation, which promotes Gülen's philosophy of "peace, mutual respect, the culture of coexistence." Gülen is the foundation's honorary president. In many cases, charter school board members also serve as dialogue group leaders.
    Education officials who are familiar with them say the schools aren't trying to proselytize for Gülen's vision of Turkey. While Turkish language and culture are often offered in the curriculum, there's no evidence the schools teach Islam.
Maybe that's enough to cover over the recent spate of Muslim hate crimes, Koran burning threats and mosque-building rightwing zeitgeist - but the fact remains that a controversial figure in his own country, living in self-imposed exile, is using funds from Ohio taxpayers for his schools.
The ties themselves are - well the movement calls them "non-organic." Here is how USA Today describes it:
    While the Turkish-affiliated schools disavow any connection to the Gülen Movement, Gülen himself maintains in legal filings that he's the inspiration behind their growth. But William Martin of Rice University in Houston says educators' assertions of "no organic connection" to Gülen are accurate.
    Nonetheless, he says their efforts to minimize ties to Gülen, likely from fear of being branded Islamists, bring "unnecessary and probably counterproductive" suspicion. "I do not think they are a sinister organization."
    In an e-mail interview, Mehmet Argin, principal of Tucson's Sonoran Science Academy, says his school's parent corporation, Daisy Education Corp., "has no legal or organic ties" with other schools. He cautions against linking charter schools founded by Turkish-Americans directly to the Gülen Movement "just because Turkish-Americans may be inspired by Mr. Gülen."
    In an e-mail interview, Gülen denied any direct connection to these schools, rejecting the notion that there is a "Gülen Movement," but acknowledging there may be educators now in U.S. schools who have listened to his philosophy. "I have no relation with any institution in the form of ownership, board membership or any similar kind," he said.
It's hard to know what to make of Gülen, his politics and the schools. It is clear however that during at a time when our country's school teachers are being laid off by the thousands, his schools still continue to bring in H1B visa teachers over from Turkey. Gülen affiliated schools have submitted over 1,349 applications for foreign teachers nationwide and brought 91 into Ohio since 2008.
All of this leads us to continue to question the wisdom of handing over public money to charter schools, when so many continue to be less than transparent about their finances and practices.
In fact, recently the Columbus Dispatch featured a charter school that fired its founder because the music "academy" was so poorly run "that even the treasurer could not be certain whether public money was being spent to launch records and hold concerts."
Right-wing conservatives seem to rail these days about wasted government spending, sweetheart contracts, government corruption and, lately, Islamaphobia. Here we have a litany of stories about David Brennan's profiteering, lawsuits against his White Hat management, gospel singers turned teachers abusing classroom money and murky connections to Turkish Islamist politics.
Yet the outrage over Park51, where taxpayer funds are not at stake and the First Amendment couldn't be clearer, was ceaseless. But no one ever said my right-wing friends value consistency over the Fox talking point of the day.
So next time you're watching O'Reilly or Beck and that commercial comes on for ECOT telling your kids they're safer learning at home on the computer than attending high school, over here on the left, that looks as wasteful as Sarah Palin's bridge to nowhere in Alaska.
As for Mr. Gülen, last week he won concessions favoring his Islamist movement over the military in Turkey.
Given the way the books are kept at some of these charters, you never know how much you may or may not have contributed to that movement; there is little evidence either way.
Just remember, it's a non-organic connection.
Ohio conservatives, you gotta love 'em.

CMSA Gulen Charter School Confronts Concept Schools and Gulen's Niagara Foundation

Watch how parents, teachers and community confront the prinicipal - Ali (this is when they confronted Ali the principal, they hate confrontations the Turks play dirty and underhanded)

Chicago Charter School Teachers, with Community Support, Draw Close to Winning Union

By Shelly Ruzicka
Created Nov 15 2010 - 1:35pm
Shelly Ruzicka
A highly regarded public charter school in Chicago has leveled a series of union-busting tactics at its teachers this fall—which has been met by a community-union partnership that’s fought back.
Chicago Math and Science Academy hired a union-busting law firm and fired a leader after school administrators decided to fight the teachers’ desire to form a union.
CMSA [1] is located in a north side neighborhood of Chicago that prides itself on and is known for its racial and socioeconomic diversity. The school’s website touts that its first senior class “experienced 100 percent college acceptance and 100 percent college bound” and that it is rated one of the “top three charter and non-selective high schools in Chicago.”
The school is run by Concept Schools [2], which operates 24 other charters in the Midwest. Concept Schools is a participant in the Gülen Movement [3], an international, interfaith educational movement of “understanding and respect” that comes from Turkey.
But considering the progressive politics of the area, and the supposed philosophy of the school, teachers and community members were disappointed when the teachers found neither understanding nor respect when it came to their decision to organize.
When the CMSA teachers decided to begin organizing, they contacted the Chicago Alliance of Charter Teachers and Staff. Chicago ACTS [4] is a joint program of the Chicago Teachers Union and the state and national American Federation of Teachers. CMSA teachers and Chicago ACTS began meeting, often using nearby space at Arise Chicago [5], a local interfaith workers’ rights organization.
This past summer, 67 percent of CMSA teachers signed cards indicating their desire to unionize. When they approached the principal with a request to recognize their union, CMSA fired one of the lead organizing teachers (claiming budgetary reasons) and later filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board, arguing that the teachers should not be able to unionize because the school was not a public employer (even though the school’s own website lists CMSA as a “public charter school”).
The NLRB rejected CMSA’s claim, ruling that the school was clearly part of the public education system, meaning its teachers and staff are public employees, who have the right to unionize. Once the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board certified the union, Chicago ACTS would be able to begin collective bargaining. Or so it seemed.
School administrators filed an appeal, and community partners stepped up their support for the teachers.
When Chicago ACTS learned that the Gülen Movement was having its international conference in Chicago, teachers began strategizing how to boost their campaign. The conference was being supported by several sponsors—including the Niagara Foundation, which helps fund CMSA.
Chicago ACTS asked Arise Chicago to support a prayer vigil and action outside the conference’s opening event on November 11. Arise Chicago activated its network to turn out supporters.
Teacher and union leaders asked the Niagara Foundation for a meeting in the hopes that it would intervene and convince CMSA to recognize the union. When word of the planned vigil spread, the foundation’s position improved considerably.
Acknowledging the widespread community support, foundation leaders wrote to the school’s board of directors, objecting to the school’s refusal to accept the NLRB ruling and invoking the Niagara Foundation’s own principles of promoting dialogue, civic engagement, human dignity, and workers’ rights. They cited these principles in calling on CMSA to recognize the union and negotiate.
Now, Concept Schools will meet with teachers and union and community leaders during the week of November 15. The vigil was called off, as the sustained support of community allies brought victory one step closer
learn more about Niagara Foundation and Hakan Berberoglu

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Horizon Science Academy- THE TRUTH 10- Steps of Gulen Denialism

Hey guys the pathetic fake blogs are getting old.  Try a little honesty and you won't have to chase all over the Internet doing damage control with your fake Gulen propaganda.
Notice how Gulen never meets other Islamic leaders?  Nor does he meet credible religious leaders in his mullah clothing.

10 Facets of Islamic Deception: Taqiyya Shown in Gulen Charter Schools

1. Hard core Denial: Flatly deny, we are not part of Gulen we are Turkish Scholars, merely trying to educate you Americans in your insufficent educational efforts.

2. Soft Intimidation: Intimidate teachers and parents with cease and desist letters if they mention Gulen in connection with the schools. American teachers threatened with job loss.

3. Hide under the guise of Religion and Tolerance: Claim Gulen is a good man who promotes interfaith dialog with world's religious leaders. (photos to prove 1 time meetings) uses local Gulen Interfaith programs to con local politicians and Christian groups. Turning churches into Gulen Charter schools (Lotus School of Excellence- Aurora, CO) or the ex- private Catholic School purchased by the Gulen movement and shamelessly converted to a new Charter school in St. Louis, MO.

4. Hard intimidation: Send cease and desist letters from Gulen Foundation lawyers to parents or teachers who dare speak the truth. (threats and intimidation start) walk into State Charter meetings with attorney as in the case of Beehive Science Academy. Fire teachers that try to form a Teachers Union and want to improve student academics. Claim parents are disgruntled because their child got bad grades.

5. Step up Marketing and Public Relations: Beef up the marketing and Public relations with Gulen's own web sites and media. Keep up the appearance with local politicians, police, etc., who visit the schools - always have a video or camera ready to capture the moment of presenting tea sets to visiting elected officials. Stay on top of blogs, web sites, news articles that are exposing and questioning the Gulen managed charter schools in the USA. Free trips to Turkey for local media, politicans and interfaith groups.

6. Medium Core Denial: Gulen schools claim "there is no proof or evidence" it is a "conspiracy theory" (by the way there is plenty of proof) or "American paranoia."

7. Pay offs and bribes: Pay off's of victims so the case doesn't reach national attention only local. Dove Science Academy rape victim -family and attorney get $100,000 from the Gulen Foundation in Oklahoma. $5,000 for the kids locked into a closet by Turkish teacher (after all it was a cultural difference) Free trips to Turkey for politicians, students, etc.  Turkish language taught at night and in the schools, "Turkish is the language of Love and Peace."

8. Business as usual : Continually apply for more grants, loans and open more schools at a rapid pace. Surely no one will notice (strategic ambiguity) rob grants from Walton Family Foundation and Gates Foundation to pay for payroll, and other non-allowable expenses. Audits come and go - dodge more bullets with attorneys. It is all a misunderstanding, we are another culture. We didn't understand that we cannot use American Tax dollars for HB-1 Visas, Turkish trips, etc, after all we teach Turkish Character in the schools.

9. Soft Core Denialism: Schools are admitting to ties to the Gulen Movement - "We may have teachers that are Gulen followers but we don't teach religion." "We cannot prevent our teachers from being Gulen followers." or Gulen "inspired" school. Be honest: you are all known Gulen members, with ties to each other in the USA and in Turkey.

10. Playing Victim: "Mean Americans don't understand Muslims, you are being unfair and racist (Turkish is not a race but an Ethnicity)" "Why do American people hate us and have so many prejudices toward us?" "We are victims of American ignorance." "All these articles and documentation are untrue." "Gulen is promoting peace and tolerance -Americans promote lies and hatred." "We will sue you"
Would someone explain to these dumb Americans that the mosque they are posing in front of was converted from a Church called St. Hagia Sofia.   

Horizon Parents Truth, The Players...............

From the
As usual the players at the Horizon Science Academys and Concept Schools all have LONG time connections to the Gulen Movement. 

More connections are shown by the following individuals who have multiple affiliations across Gulenist schools and organizations: 

Vedat Akgun 
·         Co-founder of Horizon Science Academy, Columbus
·         Owner of Breeze, Inc. (this was originally a for-profit real estate company that leased buildings to Horizon Science Academy.  It now appears to be part of New Plan Learning, Inc.)
·         New Plan Learning, Inc. (company that has obtained 90 million dollars in bonds from Pima County, Arizona, to finance school construction and renovation in the Horizon Science Academy chain; see article in Tucson newspaper, Sep 21, 2010)
·         Loaned money to Horizon Science Academy Dayton (see audit
·         Indiana Science Academy, charter proposal, 2001 (this was a proposed Gulen charter school that never materialized)
·         Indiana Life Sciences Academy, charter proposal, 2003 (this was a proposed Gulen charter school that never materialized)
·         Mentioned in a May 30, 2007 article in the Columbus Dispatch, in connection with financial problems and irregularities at Horizon Science Academy Columbus, and money the school owed to Breeze.

Alper Akyurek
·         Horizon Science Academy Columbus
·         Scioto Foundation (Ohio Gulenist non-profit organization)

Esat Albulut
·         Board Member, Horizon Science Academy Cleveland
·         Secretary, Rumi Foundation Cleveland (Rumi Foundation is a Gulenist organization, as shown clearly by its website.  Rumi, a Sufi poet, has great significance for the Gulen Movement.  The Rumi Forum in Washington, the major political lobbying arm of the Gulen Movement in the USA, is also named for Rumi.)

Emrah Ayhan
·         Co-founder, Math teacher, Horizon Science Academy Toledo
·         President, Board of Directors, Horizon Science Academy Toledo
·         Director, Math teacher, Horizon Science Academy Denison
·         Board Member, Chicago Math and Science Academy
·         Co-Founder of Breeze, Inc (this was originally a for-profit real estate company that leased buildings to Horizon Science Academy.  It now appears to be part of New Plan Learning, Inc.)
·         Board of Trustees, Paterson Charter School (Paterson is Gulen charter school in New Jersey.  Emrah Ayhan was brought in from Ohio when the school was placed on probation in 2007.)

Gultekin “John” Aytekin
·         Horizon Science Academy Cleveland
·         Horizon Science Academy Columbus
·         Principal, Indiana Math and Science Academy (Gulen charter school now managed by Concept Schools)
·         Wisconsin Career Academy (Gulen charter school)
·         International Computer High School . Biology Teacher,Constanta/ Romania (a Gulen school)

Ozgur Balsoy
·         Filed articles of incorporation for Concept Schools - Ohio, Inc. in 2006
·         Horizon Science Academy Columbus Superintendent
·         Friend of CONSEF (CONSEF is a science fair organized mainly for Concept Schools)
·         Holy Dove Foundation (Gulenist religious organization; organizes Turkey trips)
·         Scioto Educational Foundation (Gulenist organization) 

Yavuz Burak Canbolat, a.k.a. Burak Canbolat
·         Board President, Chicago Math and Science Academy
·         Treasurer, Board of Directors,Science Academy of Chicago (SAC is a private Gulen school frequently mentioned on Fethullah Gulen’s website; articles about the school are written by Hakan Berberoglu of the Niagara Foundation.  The school is under Niagara Educational Services which also runs the Niagara Foundation, an openly Gulenist organization.)  

Huseyin Coskun
·         Board President, Horizon Science Academy Columbus
·         Author of 4 articles in Fountain Magazine (Fountain Magazine is a major publication of the Gulen Movement in the USA; Fethullah Gulen writes the lead article for each issue)  

Mehmet Murat Dundar
·         Indiana Math and Science Academy (Gulen charter school now managed by Concept Schools)
·         President, Philadelphia Dialog Forum (Gulenist organization)  

Murat Efe
·         Superintendent, Horizon Science Academy Cleveland
·         Science Academy of Chicago teacher (SAC is a private Gulen school; its connections to the Niagara Foundation and the Gulen Movement are explained above)  

Bilal Eksili
·         Indiana Math and Science Academy (Gulen charter school)
·         Holy Dove Foundation (Gulenist religious organization; organizes Turkey trips)
·         Niagara Foundation (major Gulenist organization in Chicago; Fethullah Gulen is honorary president)
·         Ant Travel (Gulenist travel agency; the word “Ant,” meaning “vow” or “oath” in Turkish, is used for several Gulenist businesses)
·         International Dagestan-Turkish College (Gulen institution)  

Kazim Eldes
·         Indiana Math and Science Academy
·         Concept Schools
·         Holy Dove Foundation (Gulenist religious organization; organizes Turkey trips)
·         In 2006 audit of Horizon Science Academy Dayton, school was found to have improperly paid for a dependent immigration application fee for Kazim Eldes.
·         Math teacher, Principal, Founder, International Turkish Hope School, Dhaka Bangladesh (Gulen school)
·         Math teacher, Kharezm Uzbek-Turk High School, Urgenc City, Uzkebistan (Gulen school)  

Ehat Ercanli
·         Involved in formation of Concept Schools and development of Horizon Science Academy network of Ohio charter schools
·         Horizon Educational Services of Columbus (this was a charter holder of some Horizon Science Academy schools)
·         Founder, Syracuse Academy of Science (Gulen charter school in Syracuse, New York)
·         Speaker at Turkish Cultural Center of Syracuse event (The Turkish Cultural Center of Syracuse is a Gulenist non-profit organization.)

Taner Ertekin
·         Principal, Horizon Science Academy Cleveland
·         Co-founder of first Horizon Science Academy school
·         Chairman of Concept Schools International, a company that is opening schools in the United Arab Emirates that follow the model of Concept Schools in Ohio
·         Participated in 2004 conference at Fatih University (Gulenist institution located in Turkey)
·         Founded Gulen schools in Thailand and Japan
·         Friend of Ehat Ercanli (see above)  

Mustafa Guler
·         Chicago Math and Science Academy
·         Author, Fountain Magazine (Fountain Magazine is a major publication of the Gulen Movement in the USA; Fethullah Gulen writes the lead article for each issue)  

Mustafa “Steve” Gulkesen
·         Horizon Science Academy Columbus
·         Horizon Science Academy Cleveland
·         Wife Nesrin Gulkesen is Community Projects Organizer, Niagara Foundation, Chicago (Niagara is an openly Gulenist organization; Fethullah Gulen is its honorary president)  

Tolga Hayali
·         Teacher, Horizon Science Academy Cleveland Middle School, Ohio
·         Horizon Science Academy Denison, Ohio
·         Superintendent at Horizon Educational Services, Cleveland, Ohio
·         School director, Syracuse Academy of Science (Gulen charter school)
·         Principal of Pioneer Academy of Science (private Gulen school in New Jersey)
·         Participated, along with Levent Koc, Director of the Interfaith Dialog Center and Mevlut Kirazli, Program Coordinator of the Interfaith Dialog Center, in Assemblyman Thomas Giblin’s tour of Pioneer Academy of Science. (The Interfaith Dialog Center of New Jersey is a Gulenist organization.)
·         Participated in events at Interfaith Dialog Center, New Jersey (Gulenist organization)
·         Speaker at HUTACA (Hudson Turkish American Cultural Association) events. (HUTACA is a Gulenist organization.)
·         Leader on Turkey trip, 2001 (The Gulen Movement organizes numerous “interfaith” trips to Turkey every year; attendees are taken to some tourist sites but also to places of significance to the Movement, including Gulen schools such as Fatih or Yamanlar College, the offices of Zaman newspaper, etc.  They are also invited to private homes of Gulenists.  The trips are intended to win sympathy and supporters for the Movement.)  

Ulvi Faysal Ilhan
·         Board Member, Horizon Educational Services
·         Treasurer, Rumi Foundation (The Rumi Foundation in Cleveland is a Gulenist organization.)  

Serdar Jovadov (a.k.a. Serdar Jawadov)
·         Administrator, Horizon Science Academy  Denison
·         “Likes” Ebru TV on Facebook (Ebru TV is a major media outlet of the Gulen Movement)  

Aydin Kara
·         Horizon Science Academy Columbus
·         Nigerian Turkish International College, Abuja (Gulen school)
·         Indiana Math and Science Academy
·         Wrote article for Fountain Magazine (Fountain Magazine is a major publication of the Gulen Movement in the USA; Fethullah Gulen writes the lead article for each issue)  

Huseyin Kara
·         President and chief executive of Concept Schools
·         Mentioned in Columbus Dispatch article of May 30, 2007 on financial problems and irregularities at Horizon Science Academy
·         Board Treasurer, Horizon Science Academy Denison
·         Friend of CONSEF (science fair mainly for schools managed by Concept Schools)
·         Secretary, Rumi Foundation, Cleveland (The Rumi Foundation in Cleveland is a Gulenist organization.)  

Ozkan Kizilkaya
·         Horizon Science Academy Cleveland
·         Business Manager, Chesapeake Science Point (Gulen charter school in Maryland)  

Numan Koca
·         Board Member, Indiana Math and Science Academy
·         President, Holy Dove Foundation (Gulenist religious organization)  

Edip Pektas a.k.a. Edip Bektas
·         Treasurer, Board of Chicago Math and Science Academy
·         New Plan Learning (company handling construction for Horizon Science Academy schools; see above)
·         Member, Chicago Turkish American Chamber of Commerce (Gulenist organization)
·         Ahiska Turks Cultural Center (Gulenist organization)  

Onder Secen
·         Horizon Science Academy Columbus
·         Scioto Foundation (Gulenist organization)
·         Niagara Educational Services, parent company of the Niagara Foundation (Gulenist organization; Fethullah Gulen is its honorary president.)

Murat Surucu
·         Board member, CMSA
·         Was leader of Muslim Students for Dialogue at University of California (Gulenist organization)   

Salim Ucan
·         Vice President, Concept Schools
·         Involved in establishing Gulen charter schools in Michigan, Missouri and Illinois (including Peoria Math, Science and Technology Academy)
·         Principal, Chicago Math and Science Academy
·         Principal, Science Academy of Chicago (private Gulen school connected to the Gulenist Niagara Foundation through Niagara Educational Services)

Hasan Ali Yurtsever (a.k.a. Hassan Ali Yurtsever, H. Ali Yurtsever, Ali Yurtsever)
·         Board Member, Chicago Math and Science Academy
·         Wrote letter (downloadable below) in support of Fethullah Gulen's I-140 visa application in 2008; letter says "I am in constant contact and consultation with Mr. Gulen..." 
·         Coordinator, Niagara Educational Services (This company has significant financial connections to Horizon Science Academy as explained on this webpage, and is also connected to Concept Schools through the Science Academy of Chicago)
·         President, Rumi Forum (Gulenist religious and political lobbying organization; Fethullah Gulen is honorary president)
·         Professor, Administrator, American Islamic College, Chicago (AIC Chairman Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu has close connections to the Gulen Movement; he received the 2009 International Peace Award from the Rumi Forum, and a video of him appears on the channel of youtube users “GulenMovement”  and "MFethullahGulen."  Another video of him appears on the channel of youtube used "MfethullahGulen." )
·         Visiting Professor at Georgetown University (John Esposito, a major supporter of Fethullah Gulen and his movement, is on the Georgetown University faculty)
·         Gave talk on Gulen’s teachings at seminar, Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad, Pakistan, Feb 2, 2010
·         Physics Teacher at Yamanlar High School (Gulen school)
·         Math Professor, Fatih University (Gulen institution)
·         Student at Fatih University (Gulen institution)

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Additional note:
Based on information found in charter school applications as well as a copy of the Concept Schools management contract, charter schools under Concept's management give Concept 10% of all the funds they receive.  Since Concept Schools currently manages 19 member schools in the Midwest, they must be handling a substantial amount of funds annually.  Yet, a search on the NCCS and Guidestar websites failed to bring up any non-profit by the name of Concept Schools, and we have been unable to find any IRS Form 990s for this non-profit organization.  There is a certificate (downloadable below) from the Ohio Secretary of State showing that Concept Schools - Ohio, Inc. was incorporated as a non-profit in Ohio in 2006.  The fact that no IRS Form 990s are publicly accessible is troubling.
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