Concept Schools, Gulen Charter Schools Midwest operations

Concept Schools, Gulen Charter Schools Midwest operations
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Friday, April 8, 2011

Gulen Charter Schools in the USA: Gulen Charter School, Chicago Math and Science Aca...

Gulen Charter Schools in the USA: Gulen Charter School, Chicago Math and Science Aca...: "March 12, 2011 CMSA (Chicago Math and Science Academy) board meeting standing room only. It seems our friends over at Gulen's Chic..."


  1. Brian Chelmecki (Math department head) was leading the union efforts at CMSA. His proud pictures were at the union’s web site and press releases…In union supporting literature that teachers designed he consistently stated they were doing this for the students of CMSA and it was all about the students and other cliché jargon. GUESS WHAT? Brian left in the middle of the school year and hung his students out to dry, first chance he got. He found a job at another charter school. So "we are doing this for students" was a big lie?

    Rhonda Hartwell is another prime example of how manipulative the union and their supporters can get…She claimed that she was let go due to his involvement in union organizing at CMSA. She was "dying" to get back to "her students." But she settled her case with the school for $40,000 WHEN in fact she currently HAS a job and even makes more than she did at CMSA.

    So the $40,000 that she scooped from the CMSA was not the students’ money?!!! She was "all for students" when she did not even blink siphoning $40,000 from the school. Such a HYPOCRAT! These people are all HYPOCRATS! No on buys their argument…NO ONE!

    Another union supporting teacher who proudly wore her union button around the school again left her students in the middle of the year. What happened to her pride and commitment to the students…I guess she forgot ALL about it and her already wide, scary wide, eyes got even wider when she saw more money at another school.

    You ALL need to wake up to such hypocrisy and BS by the union and union supporting teacher at this school…

  2. Anonymous thank you for your commentary from the point of view of the Gulen Movement.
    First of all Brian was forced out of the school CMSA as Rhonda Hartwell was. Lets be honest here, you have replaced both of these American teachers with teachers from Turkey.
    The fact that excellent teachers like Rhonda and Brian have moved on to other charter schools making more money is a loss to CMSA but the gain to the other schools. When you are harassed by management and "managed out" they have no choice but to move on. The fact that Hartwell received a payout from CMSA of $40,000 speaks for itself as wrongful dismissal. A cheap price for CMSA to avoid a public litigation and public attention.

    BTW the word you are looking for in English is Hypocrite (not HYPOCRAT) The only one not "buying their argument" is CMSA and your board of directors aka known members of Hizmet.

    These Teachers didn't "leave" CMSA but were forced out by your Turkish Management (which is disorganized and uneducated to American laws)

    Thank you for your spin on the truth, but
    it is already known by the courts in Illinois via depositions and declarations regarding the circumstances surrounding their "removals".

    But nice try my little deceptive cheeky monkey. Try some of that transparency that Dr. Hendricks is asking for and maybe your Gulen Managed charter schools might make it past 120 schools instead of getting denied expansion and new charter applications. Stop with the excuses and assume some responsibilty.

    Until you can be truthful to Americans about your schools, you will get more of the same that is happening every day in American news regarding the Gulen Movement and the schools.
    AND you will not intimidate, threaten or jail
    American journalists!!!!

    Keep posting your stories, it is getting more and more interesting

    Stop duplicating your posts, saying the same thing 100 times won't make it become true.
    In the future, if you post duplications we will delete them instead of offering you the courtesy of Freedom of speech and your "side" of the story....something you should extend to the 70 jailed Turkish Journalists who dare to speak up about the Gulen Movement.

  3. Stop sippin on the hateradeJune 3, 2011 at 6:09 PM

    BS. The two teachers who replaced Brian and the English teacher are NOT Turkish.

  4. No we will tell you what is BS my friend, besides your Gulen Movement being a BAG of BS that America is not buying.
    Here is what is trying to declare that these schools are "Private" they are part of the public school system and you are recieving public funds aka American Tax educational monies. Nice try, but it won't work.
    Let's see -concept schools paid
    $13,000 for the misuse of money for h1-b Visas
    $122,000+ for legal fees
    $40,000 to pay off Rhonda Hartell

    $153,000+ in the last few months for your horrid reputation and mistakes. Then you turn around and churn out some BS promotional videos about Horizon Science Academy as if this is going to save your reputation.