Concept Schools, Gulen Charter Schools Midwest operations

Concept Schools, Gulen Charter Schools Midwest operations
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gulen Turkish Olympiads 2011-12 A Message to Parents Gulen Charter Schools

With a growing enemy base, the Fethullah Gulen Community has already had their schools targeted in Turkey by the PKK. Currently Turkey has jailed over 300 Kurdish children under the age of 15 while the Gulen Community prepares for the 9th Annual International Turkish Olympiad in Turkey the showcase of Gulen propaganda of over 750 children from over 120 countries. This will take place in Turkey on June 15-30, 2011 and are taking place at the same time as elections, and as over 50 Turkish Journalists sit in prison for daring to speak the truth about Gulen. Meanwhile some of the Turkish community has a growing hate for America, Israel and other countries. Is this a safe place for children of the world?

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