Concept Schools, Gulen Charter Schools Midwest operations

Concept Schools, Gulen Charter Schools Midwest operations
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Horizon Parents Truth, Concept Schools is under Scrutiny

Published: November 23, 2010

Public Charter School Funds Under Scrutiny

By Tanya Hutchinson

"Concept Schools" runs 25 schools in five different states, serving 7,000 students.  In Columbus, the schools are known as Horizon Science Academies.  Horizon's High School is ranked Excellent on its latest state report card.  Horizon Middle School is rated in Continuous Improvement and Horizon Elementary is in Academic Watch.
Two NBC 4 viewers contacted the station, asking us to look into allegations that Ohio taxpayer money was being used to recruit teachers overseas, specifically Turkey.
The Ohio Federation of Teachers showed NBC 4 a lease for a Horizon School in Dayton, whose landlord has a Turkish mailing address.  The President of the Ohio Federation of Teachers wants to know if the rent money is actually going to Turkey.  She also wants to know why Turkish teachers are employed by Horizon.
"At a time of high unemployment in Ohio, when teachers have been laid off, teachers coming out of college can't find jobs. Why would we be importing teachers and administrators from Turkey when Ohioans don't have jobs?" questioned Sue Taylor, President of the Ohio Federation of Teachers.
The Ohio Coalition for Quality Education doesn't think there should be restrictions on where teachers come from or where public charter schools are located.  "They do recruit some of their teachers from Turkey because they have, frankly, high quality teachers in Math and Science in Turkey," said Ron Adler, President and Founder.
About 10% of teachers who work for Concept Schools are international.  The Vice President says taxpayer money is not used to recruit teachers overseas.  "That does not make it a Turkish school, nor an Islamic school.  These are public schools serving students who need those services the most," said Salim Ucan.   He said Concept Schools are some of the highest-performing schools in the country.
"I've monitored and provided technical assistance to Concept Schools since 1998 and I can say without hesitation that these schools are of the highest quality, hardworking, and they achieve wonderful results with their students. They are an exceptionally good investment of our public dollars," said Patricia Hughes, Director of the Community School division for Buckeye Hope Foundation, one of Horizon's sponsors in Ohio.
Concept Schools is based in Chicago.  The Ohio Attorney General's Office has no record of complaints against the company or Horizon Science Academies. © Copyright 2010 Media General Communications Holdings, LLC. A Media General company

First of all this is a LIE, these schools are not some of the highest performing.  They are performing below standardard and cannot justify bringing in the HB-1 Visa unqualified and uncredentialed teachers (mostly male) from their native Turkey.  The cheating and fraud in the schools in Turkey is rampant.  Not a surprise that the head of higher education in Turkey is another fellow Gulen Goon.  Mr. Ozcun.    

Salim you are NOT an American and do not know anything about teaching American children or how to socially handle Americans.  You seem to forget you WORK for the American Taxpayers of which you don't belong because you have not paid your dues in the United States of America.  Stop the LIES.  The money is drying up for you. 
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