Concept Schools, Gulen Charter Schools Midwest operations

Concept Schools, Gulen Charter Schools Midwest operations
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Horizon Science Academy/Concept Schools - Playing VICTIM

Their fake blog is asking "why are they acting Horizon Science Academy and Concept Schools"   We assure you they know exactly why they are being looked at.  No one is "attacking" the schools we want something that we Americans call TRANSPARENCY.
This is from
Concept Schools: Horizon Science Academy; Chicago Math and Science Academy; Indiana Math and Science Academy; Michigan Math and Science Academy
Evidence of Affiliation with the Gulen Movement
Additional note:
Based on information found in charter school applications as well as a copy of the Concept Schools management contract, charter schools under Concept's management give Concept 10% of all the funds they receive.  Since Concept Schools currently manages 19 member schools in the Midwest, they must be handling a substantial amount of funds annually.  Yet, a search on the NCCS and Guidestar websites failed to bring up any non-profit by the name of Concept Schools, and we have been unable to find any IRS Form 990s for this non-profit organization.  There is a certificate (downloadable below) from the Ohio Secretary of State showing that Concept Schools - Ohio, Inc. was incorporated as a non-profit in Ohio in 2006.  The fact that no IRS Form 990s are publicly accessible is troubling.

Concept Schools manages 19 publicly-funded Gulen charter schools that are currently operational, including the chain of Horizon Science Academy schools, Chicago Math and Science Academy, the Noble Academy schools in Cleveland and Columbus, Indiana Math and Science Academy, and Michigan Math and Science Academy.  New schools are planned.

Concept Schools is connected to Niagara Educational Services, of which both the Science Academy of Chicago (SAC) and the Niagara Foundation are subsidiaries.  The Niagara Foundation is an openly Gulenist organization, as can be clearly seen from its website (Fethullah Gulen is its honorary president).  The connections of Concept and Horizon to Niagara and SAC are demonstrated by the fact that the domain registration information for the Science Academy of Chicago website,, gives registrant email as  Further financial connections have been documented on this webpage. 

[Note added on August 30, 2010: since this webpage was published on August 11, the domain registrant email for was changed from   to     The former email address can still be viewed on this cached page.  We believe that the timing of this change is not coincidental, and represents an attempt by Gulenists to remove any traces of the connections between the Gulen Movement and Concept Schools.]

More connections are shown by the following individuals who have multiple affiliations across Gulenist schools and organizations: 

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