Concept Schools, Gulen Charter Schools Midwest operations

Concept Schools, Gulen Charter Schools Midwest operations
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Horizon Science Academy- THE TRUTH 10- Steps of Gulen Denialism

Hey guys the pathetic fake blogs are getting old.  Try a little honesty and you won't have to chase all over the Internet doing damage control with your fake Gulen propaganda.
Notice how Gulen never meets other Islamic leaders?  Nor does he meet credible religious leaders in his mullah clothing.

10 Facets of Islamic Deception: Taqiyya Shown in Gulen Charter Schools

1. Hard core Denial: Flatly deny, we are not part of Gulen we are Turkish Scholars, merely trying to educate you Americans in your insufficent educational efforts.

2. Soft Intimidation: Intimidate teachers and parents with cease and desist letters if they mention Gulen in connection with the schools. American teachers threatened with job loss.

3. Hide under the guise of Religion and Tolerance: Claim Gulen is a good man who promotes interfaith dialog with world's religious leaders. (photos to prove 1 time meetings) uses local Gulen Interfaith programs to con local politicians and Christian groups. Turning churches into Gulen Charter schools (Lotus School of Excellence- Aurora, CO) or the ex- private Catholic School purchased by the Gulen movement and shamelessly converted to a new Charter school in St. Louis, MO.

4. Hard intimidation: Send cease and desist letters from Gulen Foundation lawyers to parents or teachers who dare speak the truth. (threats and intimidation start) walk into State Charter meetings with attorney as in the case of Beehive Science Academy. Fire teachers that try to form a Teachers Union and want to improve student academics. Claim parents are disgruntled because their child got bad grades.

5. Step up Marketing and Public Relations: Beef up the marketing and Public relations with Gulen's own web sites and media. Keep up the appearance with local politicians, police, etc., who visit the schools - always have a video or camera ready to capture the moment of presenting tea sets to visiting elected officials. Stay on top of blogs, web sites, news articles that are exposing and questioning the Gulen managed charter schools in the USA. Free trips to Turkey for local media, politicans and interfaith groups.

6. Medium Core Denial: Gulen schools claim "there is no proof or evidence" it is a "conspiracy theory" (by the way there is plenty of proof) or "American paranoia."

7. Pay offs and bribes: Pay off's of victims so the case doesn't reach national attention only local. Dove Science Academy rape victim -family and attorney get $100,000 from the Gulen Foundation in Oklahoma. $5,000 for the kids locked into a closet by Turkish teacher (after all it was a cultural difference) Free trips to Turkey for politicians, students, etc.  Turkish language taught at night and in the schools, "Turkish is the language of Love and Peace."

8. Business as usual : Continually apply for more grants, loans and open more schools at a rapid pace. Surely no one will notice (strategic ambiguity) rob grants from Walton Family Foundation and Gates Foundation to pay for payroll, and other non-allowable expenses. Audits come and go - dodge more bullets with attorneys. It is all a misunderstanding, we are another culture. We didn't understand that we cannot use American Tax dollars for HB-1 Visas, Turkish trips, etc, after all we teach Turkish Character in the schools.

9. Soft Core Denialism: Schools are admitting to ties to the Gulen Movement - "We may have teachers that are Gulen followers but we don't teach religion." "We cannot prevent our teachers from being Gulen followers." or Gulen "inspired" school. Be honest: you are all known Gulen members, with ties to each other in the USA and in Turkey.

10. Playing Victim: "Mean Americans don't understand Muslims, you are being unfair and racist (Turkish is not a race but an Ethnicity)" "Why do American people hate us and have so many prejudices toward us?" "We are victims of American ignorance." "All these articles and documentation are untrue." "Gulen is promoting peace and tolerance -Americans promote lies and hatred." "We will sue you"
Would someone explain to these dumb Americans that the mosque they are posing in front of was converted from a Church called St. Hagia Sofia.   

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